Tuesday, February 26, 2019

White Wind, The Arctic Tern Journey Project : Teaser

White Wind - The Arctic Tern Journey Project. Small mood teaser. Done in Unity 3D. It's a small test for several 3D solutions : - a custom alternative terrain technique which support triplanar world UV's, distance based tessellation, Substance PBR materials with heightmaps, dynamic snow and water level, procedural grass material - a tweakable ocean shader, with LOD tassellation - fake volumetric clouds shader

White Wind, The Arctic Tern Journey. Ocean Shader Test

Ocean shader real time render test done in Unity. With a nodal shader editor, fully customizable, with LOD tessellation regarding distance. We have 4 examples of differents settings with same textures ( 1 for 3 x 8 bits masks + 1 normal ) The 5th sample is a example of how it works with the parameters I have exposed to create a new water surface.